Canoe & Kayak Rentals

***Before visiting the Paddle Shack, Please check the "Shack Status" on our Home Page to make sure we open! Due to high water and varying weather conditions, we may have to suddenly close at any moment. Thank you!***


Renting a canoe or kayak from High Country Outfitters is a great way to enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of the southeast.  We offer a variety of options that will certainly suit your needs.  All canoe and kayak rentals come with a paddle, Personal Flotation Device (PFD), and any necessary transportation equipment.

With 2 rental locations in the Atlanta area, it’s easy to get on water in just minutes.


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Canoe & Kayak Rentals - BuckheadCanoe & Kayak Rentals - Paddle Shack

Canoe & Kayak Rentals

Buckhead Store Rentals:

Stand Up Paddleboard RentalsHigh Country rents kayaks and canoes from our Buckhead location off of Roswell Road in Atlanta. This rental location is open 7 days a week, and is for in-store pickup only. All rental boats include any necessary transportation equipment. High Country Guides will assist you in loading your vehicle, and give you detailed instructions on our favorite local areas to paddle! Weekly rates available.

One Person Kayak.......................$55 Per Day 
Two Person Kayak.......................$75 Per Day 
Two Person Canoe...................... $75 Per Day

Weekend Specials:*
Any 3-Day Weekend (Friday-Sunday)..........................................$124.50 / $150 for 2-person boat
Memorial and Labor Day Weekends (Friday-Monday).............$150 / $180 for 2-person boat

*When you select the dates on the next page, the price will automatically change to the weekend special price. If you'd like to add an additional day when purchasing a weekend special, you will still get the special price, plus the regular cost of the added full day.

No roof rack? Call ahead to make sure we can accomodate your vehicle!

Buckhead Address & Hours of Operation

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Paddle Shack Rentals: 

***Before visiting the Paddle Shack, Please check the "Shack Status" on our Home Page to make sure we open! Due to high water and varying weather conditions, we may have to suddenly close at any moment. Thank you!***


Stand Up Paddleboard RentalsHigh Country now rents kayaks and canoes at Morgan Falls Overlook Park in Sandy Springs, GA. This location is for on-site rentals only and is only open Saturdays and Sundays. Walk ups are welcome, but reservations are encouraged. Just 5 miles from Atlanta, Morgan Falls is a paddler’s oasis! The park offers a clean and comfortable environment for first time and expert paddlers. Our rental shop is just 100 yards from the launching dock and is the most convenient way to get on the water.


One Person Kayak.......................$25 / 1st Hour, $15 / Each Additional Hour
Two Person Kayak.......................$35 / 1st Hour, $20 / Each Additional Hour
Two Person Canoe.......................$40 / 1st Hour, $20 / Each Additional Hour

*Please note that there will be an additional $1 per person National Park Service Fee.

Hours of Operation: *Please check our Home Page to ensure the Shack is open before visiting*

April 15th - September 30th
Monday - Friday............................. Closed
Saturday's & Sunday's..................10 AM-6 PM

Please note that we do not take day-of rentals online or on the phone. Please head down the the shack to book day-of rentals in person!

Paddle Shack Address & Hours of Operation



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Know Before You Go

*All rentals come with a PFD (Personal Flotation Device). By law, all boaters must have a coast guard approved PFD on board. If you are under the age of 13, you are required to wear it at all times.  We provide child and youth PFDs. If you have your own, please bring it for a more comfortable fit. PFD must be Type II, III, or V. If using a Type V PFD that requires inflation, you must be wearing it at all times.

*Must be 5 years or older to use any High Country rental equipment.

*When renting from the Paddle Shack, an adult to child ratio of no less than one adult (18 years of age or older) for every four children under the age or 13 is required.

*Glass containers are not permitted in or around the Morgan Falls or the Chattahoochee River.

*We DO allow dogs on Stand Up Paddleboards & kayaks. Your 4-legged friend must demonstrate that he/she can remain calm and relaxed on the water, and not endanger the persons paddling or anyone around them. Any damage to the equipment due to your pets will result in a fee. Leashes are required at Morgan Falls Overlook Park.

*Maximum capacity for all rental equipment:
-Stand Up Paddleboard: one adult + one child
-1 Person Kayak: one adult one child
-2 Person Kayak: two adults one child

*You assume total responsibility of High Country’s equipment during your rental period. Damage to equipment will result in a fee.

*Want to try different models in the same day and receive paddling instructions from HC Certified guides? Sign up for one of our weekly SUP Demos!


What to Bring

  • Athletic Attire over swimming attire works best (this way you are versatile)
  • Water Bottle (We recommend 16 oz for every hour on the water)
  • Closed toe shoes or sandals with secure straps (Chacos, Tevas)
  • Sunglasses & Water Resistant Sunscreen
  • Sunglass Retainer (Croakies, Chums)
  • A towel for after your paddle
  • A camera! But beware! High Country is not responsible for damaged or lost electronics
  • For September through April rentals, we recommend warm footwear, such as neoprene booties for paddling on local waterways. These are available for purchase at our Buckhead store location.