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A Guide to 15 of the South’s Best Places to Paddle


Southern author Eugene F. Walter once wrote, “summer in the deep South is not only a season, a climate, it’s a dimension. Floating in it, one must be either proud or submerged.” Perhaps this explains why the waters here are…

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7 Outdoor-Themed Southern Craft Brews Every Beer-Lover Should Drink


Local craft brewing is on the rise in the American Southeast, and the scene is geared especially towards those with a penchant for the outdoors. Because of the recent changes in Tennessee’s ABV restrictions, hospitable temperatures year-round, and a practically…

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8 Off the Beaten Path Festivals in the Southeast

S16_04-08_Festival_Brown_179 (1)

Perhaps Coachella sold out before you could say Beyoncé, you just can’t imagine fighting the crowds at Bonnaroo for one more year, or maybe you’d rather hang out riverside than beachside. No matter what the reason, we understand your desire…

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8 of the Best Waterfall Hikes in the Smokies

20160411_KnoxvilleTN_Osprey-Hen Wallow Falls-17-003 Cody Myers

The Great Smoky Mountains may be known for their enchanting mist and spectacular views, but these rounded peaks have another claim to fame: they are home to waterfalls of all shapes and sizes. There’s nothing quite like kicking off your…

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RootsRated Trail Spotlight – Vickery Creek Trail Hiking

Vickery Creek Trail Hiking By RootsRated   Description: An easy scenic hike in downtown Roswell with rolling terrain, low elevation and scenery such as the covered bridge, two historic mill ruins and the Big Creek spillway dam. Difficulty: 2 Stars…

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Trail (Shoe) Maintenance: How to Clean Your Chaco Sandals

  This beloved footwear puts in major miles on dusty trails, roaring water, and rugged terrain. Here, insider tips on how to clean your Chacos.   A handy guide to keeping your Chacos clean. (Cody Myers) It’s common knowledge that…

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RootsRated – How to Fit a Pack

How to Fit a Pack    Choosing a new pack can be overwhelming, let Osprey help you out. Jonathan Morua   Backpacks are one of those integral pieces of gear that can make or break an adventure. Whether you’re looking…

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RootsRated – The 5 Best Southeastern Music Festivals

Rock On: The 5 Best Southeast Music Festivals Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival. Tom Tomkinson   A sure sign of spring and summer in the southeast U.S. are masses of music lovers in sandals and sunscreen staking out their territory on…

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The Game Changing Board

MHL Custom 14’ Race Board Price: $3199 Review by: John Sloan I just drove 7 hours for a Stand Up Paddleboard race. 7 hours for a race that I’ve done absolutely zero training for. Unless you count the previous race…

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Conquer Land and Sea in Chaco’s OutCross Lace

Kate Dearborn Chaco OutCross Lace $120.00 Here in the Southeast, it’s not uncommon to find yourself embarking on an adventure that includes just as much water as it does land. Finding the right footwear to support you in these journeys…

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