Conquer Land and Sea in Chaco’s OutCross Lace

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KateKate Dearborn
Chaco OutCross Lace

Here in the Southeast, it’s not uncommon to find yourself embarking on an adventure that includes just as much water as it does land. Finding the right footwear to support you in these journeys has always been vitally important, but it’s not always been easy. Enter: Chaco’s latest baby, the OutCross Lace. Built on Chaco’s legendary and award-winning LUVSEAT™ footbed, this shoe is outrageously comfortable to wear, and its Vibram® TC1 outsole performs beautifully in both wet and dry conditions.

chaco-outcrossThe Product:
● Closed-toe sandal with protective toe caps, available in men’s and women’s styles
● Webbing straps conform to the foot, made secure with singlehandedlace adjustment
● Minimal mesh/synthetic leather upper with ports and ventilated openings provide high
breathability and drainage
● Non-marking Vibram® TC1 outsole

Chaco’s comfortable and functional footwear has long made them a hero to all those who have joined the ranks of their fans (aka “Chaconians”). That success has been well earned, and its roots have carried over into this new product along with a few unique features that really help the OutCross Lace stand out on its own. To start off, the shoe is built on Chaco’s LUVSEAT platform, bringing your body into alignment and helping to reduce strain and pain, from feet to neck. The footbed’s texture has been designed to allow water to flow out through the upper’s mesh and ventilation holes, keeping your feet as unwaterlogged as possible while playing in water. Where the rubber meets the road is a nonmarking Vibram outsole that’s been designed to provide maximum traction on whatever terrain you encounterfrom concrete, to dirt, to wet and slippery leaves or rocks. The outsole is lugged and rounded, a design created to allow these shoes to be used flawlessly when rafting or kayaking. Wrapping around the heel and toe are rubber caps, intended to protect your feet from obstacles, as you’re following your adventures.  With all this, it’s easy to see how the OutCross Lace is a winner!

Advice:  While the OutCross lace is a great shoe, its sizing is a little funky: expect to wear a half to a whole size smaller than your usual shoe size.

The Good:  You get the same APMAcertified polyurethane LUVSEAT™ footbed found in Chaco’s famous and much loved sandals
The Bad:  Sizing isn’t true: expect to wear a half to a whole size smaller from your usual size.
The Awesome:  This shoe excels on the trail, in the water or even just around town!  Wherever you go in these, you’ll be comfortable, supported and surefooted.

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