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How To: Layer On Your Next Ski Trip

Layering is a vital part of dressing for a ski trip. It's important to stay warm and dry throughout the day on the slopes, and layering your clothing is the best way to do this. Start with a base layer of merino wool or synthetic materials that can wick away moisture from your skin. We prefer merino wool because it has anti-static properties, it doesn't itch, smell or crease much, and it is lightweight and keeps its shape.

Then, add a mid-layer of a thicker, insulating fabric such as fleece, wool, or polyester for extra warmth. We like to use Patagonia's nano puff, down sweater, or better sweater fabrics to add an extra layer of insulation between our baselayer and shell. If your ski or snowboard jacket comes with its own midlayer, consider wearing a thicker baselayer and leaving your midlayer at home. But be sure to bring one in your suitcase just in case temps drop lower than expected!

Finally, waterproof shell layer jacket and pants will protect you from wind and precipitation. We recommend a jacket that includes a hood with plenty of pockets for storing things like chapstick, tissues, hand warmers, and so on. Make sure to bring a few extra layers that you can add or remove depending on the temperature and weather conditions.


Caroline Sloan published 5 Sept


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