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BOTE 13. BOATS - SUP BOARD - REC 10'6" Flood Gatorshell SUP | Full Trax Ochre
BOTE 13. BOATS - SUP BOARD - REC 10'6" Flood Gatorshell SUP | Full Trax Ochre
BOTE 13. BOATS - SUP BOARD - REC 10'6" Flood Gatorshell SUP | Full Trax Ochre

10'6" Flood Gatorshell SUP | Full Trax Ochre

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Paddle boarding is supposed to be fun and easy...and simple. Enjoying a day on the water with friends and family is the whole spirit. Designed exactly for this, the Flood 10′6″ Full Trax Ochre Gatorshell delivers on this experience with a super stable, easy to carry and even easier platform to paddle. Built with the extremely tough, patented GatorShell Construction there isn't another entry-level SUP that packs in as many features as the Flood. Practical for most water conditions and an excellent choice for leisure paddling, SUP Fitness, catching some small waves...or just chillin. I mean, we even built in a drink holder!


  • DIMENSIONS: 10′6″ L × 30″ W × 4.5″ D
  • CONSTRUCTION: Gatorshell Technology


GREAT FOR BEACH DAYS | The surf-style planing hull and side bite fins featured on the 10'6" Flood are perfect for paddle-surfing or just plain paddling along the shoreline.

NAMASTE ON THE WATER | If you enjoy a bit of yoga in your life, The Full Trax style makes the perfect floating "yoga mat" thanks to a full-length deck pad that offers maximum space and traction.

ROOM FOR HITCHHIKERS | The full-length deck pad adds traction along the entire board, giving cushion and grip for an extra passenger like a young'un not quite ready to paddle on their own or man's best friend.

MADE WITH GATORSHELL | ABS Plastic combined with ballistics-grade composites engineered to be 6X tougher than traditional epoxy.

ALL THE BOTE ESSENTIALS | The HD Gatorshell features compatability with BOTE rac systems so you can deck it out to fit your needs.

INTEGRATED PADDLE STRAP | A channel along the rails of the board with bungee straps that allows for quick and easy storage of your paddle when not in use.