Highlights from Patagonia

Highlights from Patagonia

We recently outfitted our customer, Chip, for his trip to Patagonia! When he returned, he paid our flagship store a visit and gave us a few of his favorite highlights. Keep reading to hear it all, from his perspective!

"I can never forget my hike from Paine Grande to Glacier Grey. Stunning views at every turn. I did most of that hike alone and met my friends as we passed along the way. The descent to Refugio Grey was a little steeper than I imagined but made it in time to strap on crampons and hike the Glacier."

"Hardest section of the descent (top right). Looking down. Keep in mind this a free climb. And it had rained. Definitely not for the faint of heart!"

"A little earlier on the trail. Great view from before the climb down. I’ll never forget the W Trek."

"You will definitely want to put on your puffy coat for this part. I froze without mine because I was initially warm from the climb up, then after about 30 minutes or so the wind seemed to go through everything. I had to put it on in the wind. Luckily I got it on and nothing blew off the glacier into Lago Grey!"

"Bigfoot Patagonia handles all of the logistics on the glacier. They provide a helmet, harness, ice axe and crampons so you don’t have to carry them around for a week. They did a great job to make sure everything went well."

"Really glad I practiced at Kennesaw and up and down the stairs in my building. I always trained with a full pack of exactly what I would carry when I was there (including water). You only need a small water bottle. The 24 ounce Hydro flask trail series was perfect. About the same weight as some of the plastics and kept the water from the glacier cold until the morning of my last hike back. There are plenty of streams off the mountains to fill it and you don’t need a filter for water as long as you're not drinking from the lakes or still water in general."

Thank you so much for filling us in, Chip! We can't wait to hear about your next adventure.

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