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The Wayfarer's Handbook: a Field Guide for the Independent Traveler

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An inventive and visually-appealing passport to the wide world of travel, THE WAYFARER'S HANDBOOK doesn't tell you where it go, it shows you how to go everywhere.

THE WAYFARER'S HANDBOOK is an offbeat guide full of actionable advice, a worldwide exploration reference work, an unconventional collection of world trivia, and an exciting resource of inspiration, all designed for use in a great global adventure. With a design aesthetic inspired by the handsome look of vintage field guides, the book is a treasure trove of information about the act of travel itself.

Arranged in a distinctive miscellany format, the book distills hundreds of interesting topics in a direct and precise yet stylish way. Entries include Photo Etiquette, Animals You Never Knew Existed, Breakfast Around the World, Avoiding Jet Lag, Tipping Around the World, Country Nicknames, Travel Record Holders, Islands Taken over by Animals, Hitchhiking Around the World, The Magic of Old Maps, Living the Hostel Life, the Size of Very Small Countries, Travel Superstitions and many more. Sketches, infographics, small maps, and illustrative charts appear throughout allowing readers to open to any page and discover fascinating new insights into the art of travel.

Small and compact, it's a travel guide for the millions of independent travelers who don't use travel guides.